Partner Institutions

There are a number of partners involved in the Uniqurate project:

Kingston University is the lead institution on this project, and this project is part of a long history of research into QTI and open standards-based electronic assessment by our Learning Technology Research Group. Read more about this at the LTRG's E-Assessment and Feedback page.

The Uniqurate project is funded by JISC. JISC has been a supporter of QTI research and development for some years now, and continue to demonstrate a commitment to the area.

Harper Adams University College and the University of Strathclyde are the "client partners on this project. Their role is to provide a fresh perspective, with none of the preconceptions that might come from those who have been involved in QTI research for a long time. The client partners are providing the majority of the requirements for the new software, with a view to rolling out QTI e-assessment content within their institution.

The University of Glasgow leads Uniqurate's sister project, QTIDI, which is concerned with the delivery aspect of QTI-based e-assessment, and is a partner on Uniqurate. The two projects are closely coupled, and in many respects can be considered two parts of the same equation.

Through her consultancy company ELandWeb, Sue Milne brings a considerable amount of experience of electronic assessment to the project. Heavily involved with the CALMAT project for maths e-assessment, Sue has more recently established herself as one of the leading experts and authors of complex QTI-based content.

Latest News

The content below is taken from the QTI Support blog, and Kingston University's Learning Technology Research Group blog.

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